The Plantation World of Wilkinson County Mississippi 1792-2012

By Stella Pitts
and Ernesto Caldeira
Fifty Plantation Chapters
316 pp, full color
450+ photographs
9x12, hard cover

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The Journal of Wilkinson County History Publications

The Journal of Wilkinson County History Board 1988-2013
The late Mrs. James V. Gross Mrs. L. Jennings Owens
Mrs. Andrew J.Lewis Mr. Ernesto Caldeira
Mrs. Best Montfort The late Mr. John South Lewis

This board was established in an effort to accurately assemble primary source historical data and make it readily available to researchers and historians, and to present it with as little interpretation as possible.

Our first two volumes on cemetery records and marriage records are invaluable. Our third volume is a charming period snapshot of the Woodville Historic District with stories about the houses and their occupants already beguiling after just twenty years. The fourth volume books are extensive compilations of the soldiers and data of this county and its contributions to the Confederacy.

Vol. I Wilkinson Cemetery Records Edited by Mrs. James V. Gross & Miss Marion Miles, Mar. 1990, 347 pp.
Vol. II Marriage Records 1800-1924 Compiled by Mrs. Linda Gene Carter, Nov. 1992, 364 pp.
Vol. III The Woodville Historic District Written by Mrs. Stella Pitts, photos, indexed, Nov. 1992, 309 pp.
Vol. IV The Confederacy & Wilkinson County Researched & Compiled by Mrs. James V. Gross & Miss Jeannie Gross, photos  Mar. 1998      
     Book 1  378 pp.  
     Book 2  264 pp.
     Both Books Set  
The Plantation World of Wilkinson County Mississippi; Final Payment