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The Woodville Civic Club Inc. was founded in 1971.

These two buildings are only two of the many projects of the Woodville Civic Club Inc., our 501(c) (3) parent organization, during its forty years plus of existence.

The Civic Club was the result of a meeting called together in September of 1971 by Mrs. Alice Ray Wall Thomas Farrar, a native of Woodville, a descendant of early settlers, and a spirited, community minded individual.

There were lots of empty stores; business was bad, and the morale of our residents at an all-time low. It had a malaise that so many small towns across this country were suffering as the world seemed to shift and change so fast.

That meeting in September of 1971 resulted in the formation of a group who saw themselves as an umbrella organization anxious to co-ordinate and work with all of the existing clubs, the churches, our government on all levels, and our business people with one goal in mind, and that goal was simply the betterment of this community.

For two hundred years we have been a stable community as the county seat of Wilkinson County. You can see it in our architecture, in our way of life, and in our institutions. Woodvillians love their community and it shows.

Our National Register District, our Journals of Wilkinson County History, our museums, our plantations, and our people all have a story to share. We want to share it with you.

Please enjoy our website. Let us know what we might have missed or what we can find out for you. But most of all...please come visit us.

The Woodville Civic Club is the fortunate recipient of generous bequests made by Mrs. Naomi McCraine Flowers (1914-2018) and Mr. Charles Lessley Flowers (1912-1999) both natives of Wilkinson County and long-time residents of Baton Rouge.


With agricultural backgrounds, and local family relationships, she one of six siblings, and he one of eleven siblings, they both spent their earlier years in this county and attended Woodville Agricultural High School. Mrs. Flowers attended Mississippi University for Women, with a career highlighted perhaps as secretary to Mayor John Christian of Baton Rouge in the 1960's; and Mr. Flowers attended LSU, was a co-operative extension agent, and was also active with the 4H.

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